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The World Sports Blockchain Summit was streamed live on May 10, 2018.


The following speakers participated at the WSBS.

Kevin Harrington

The original Shark on Shark Tank & Co-owner of SportyCo.

Marko Filej

Co-founder & CEO at SportyCo - Decentralized bIockchain-based sports investment & funding ecosystem.

Charlie Shrem

Charlie is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and one of the best-known bitcoin advocates.

Phillip Nunn

Entrepreneur, CEO and international speaker on BIockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Robby Schwertner

Robby is crypto blogger and bIockchain technology influencer.

Niko Klansek

Niko Klansek is a Slovenian entrepreneur, advisor and investor. In 2017, he became the president of Slovenian basketball club KD Slovan.

Sener Korkusuz

CEO and Co-Founder of American 7s Football League, disrupting the sport of American football with its format of 7 on 7, no helmets, full contact, tackle football.

Diego Berchtold

Founder of Crypto Currency Consulting Ltd. and professional football player FC Lausanne-Sport.

Chris Harfield

Chris is the Director at Williams Harfield Sports Group, focusing on international development for WHSG, working with emerging talent within the commercial and athlete space.

Tristan Chaudhry

He have been in the blockchain industry since 2013, and believe the future will be driven by cryptocurrency and blockchain-based companies.

Why Register?

World Sports BIockchain Virtual Summit is the largest live online event for crypto investors, athletes, and sports enthusiasts. It's focused, practical, and totally free.

This is the first summit dedicated exclusively to sports and bIockchain. You will be able to ask our speakers for advice and network with thousands of other participants in the virtual lobby. All that without having to leave your home or breaking a bank.

This is the first summit dedicated exclusively to sports and bIockchain. Some of the questions we answered at the summit:
  • Why is bIockchain the next big opportunity for the sports industry?
  • How will bIockchain enable investing in athletes and clubs?
  • What are the legal constraints of using bIockchain technology in sports?
  • How do athletes already benefit from using bIockchain in their professional career?
  • And many more

World Sports BIockchain Summit Proudly Organized By SportyCo

SportyCo is the first decentralised sports investment and funding ecosystem. At SportyCo, we believe that every promising athlete deserves the opportunity to pursue their professional career and every small investor should be able to back an athlete they believe in.

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